does your electrical tape fall short?

    Vulko-Wrap was designed with the user in mind. This self-vulcanizing insulated wrap is made of a specially compounded silicone elastomer, making this self-adhering tape resistant to oil and water, ozone, and most chemicals. It has a high dielectric strength and can be used on all electrical connections and it sticks to itself without sticky residue.  Vulko-Wrap will stretch to stretch 2-1/2 times its length, creating the tension that allows it to be extremely versatile and work in a variety of applications and environments. 

    Vulko-Wrap will also remain effective in high temperatures ranging from -60˚ F to +400˚ F and is fully bonded in 24 hours

    The tape is 4 to 5 times thicker than regular electrical tape and provides 5,500 volts of protection per wrap. Vulko-Wrap can be purchased in 40 to 50 mil thickness and it comes in yellow and black.

    Need something with even more strength? Try TPC’s Reinforced Vulko-Wrap which has been embedded with a glass yarn fiber braid for added tensile strength while maintaining the same flexibility found in the traditional Vulko-Wrap® product. It is available in 40 mil thickness in black only.


    Vulko-Wrap Sample